Logistics business started in 1964 through PT Jasa Pengolahan Transportasi (JPT) of Satuan Harapan, followed by the establishment of a number of subsidiaries in the logistics field to respond to the diverse needs of logistics services including shipping expedition (EMKL) and freight forwarding. Samudera Logistics delivers integrated goods delivery services in different types, sizes and modes of transportation from the starting point to the end point. To support the integrated services, the Company also develops a number of logistics facilities and support facilities. Variations of services provided in the Company's business logistics line are Depot Container, Integrated Logistics Service, Land Transportation, Warehousing and Distribution Center and Project Logistics.

PT Samudera Perdana

Established in 1975, engaged in goods transportation business on land for general cargo and project cargo. It has six types of land transport services for container cargo, bulk cargo, container repositioning, cargo distribution, cargo transportation of projects and port transport and operates in several regions of Indonesia

PT Taraka Jaya Samudera

Established in 2013 to increase the Company's penetration in increasing demand for land transportation services in Indonesia. In managing its business, the Company focuses its activities on providing land transport services for the cargo project segment.

PT Samudera Indonesia Logistik Kargo

The company, founded in 2012, focuses its business activities on four main areas: general freight forwarding, energy logistics, project logistics, and contract logistics. Along with the business development achieved, the Company has established several subsidiaries as an effort to work on the market potential in several other locations in Indonesia.

PT Samudera Bandar Logistik

Established in 2016, the Company provides logistics services such as door-to-door service, trucking and customs clearance for both domestic and international cargo.

PT Samudera Banjarmasin Logistik

Established in 2017, the company provides business in the field of transportation, especially in the field of logistics services, EMKL services, stevedoring, trucking, lashing, stripping, stuffing, domestic freight, export / import, project cargo, LCL, warehousing and seizing opportunities as the market develops logistics in the area of South Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan and surrounding areas.

PT Samudera Banten Logistik

The company established in 2016 provides logistics services such as inland trucking, loading cargo, custom clearance, stuffing, packing & palleting.

PT Samudera Deli Logistik

Established in 2016 to support logistics activities, especially in the areas of cargodoring, receiving / delivery, project logistics support, and equipment provider for Belawan, North Sumatera, and surrounding areas.

PT Samudera Dewata Logistik

Established in 2014 to meet the growing needs of logistics services in the province of Bali. The company handles many FMCG distribution activities (Fast Moving Consumer Goods).

PT Samudera Kapuas Logistik

Established in 2016, it has business activities that provides transportation services including freight forwarding, trucking, and warehousing in West Kalimantan.

PT Samudera Lampung Logistik

Established in 2014, the Company serves logistics services in the Lampung and surrounding areas with services covering NVOCC, Freight for Land & Ocean, EMKL / Export-Import & Local handling, and Project Logistics

PT Samudera Makassar Logistik

Established in 2014, the Company meets the needs of logistics services in South Sulawesi with services covering project logistics, general freight forwarding, customs clearance, dooring / land transportation, and EMKL (Cargo Ship Edition).

PT Samudera Sriwijaya Logistik

Established in 2016, is engaged in logistics for the region of South Sumatra

PT Samudera Surabaya Logistik

Established in 2014 with the aim of conducting business in the field of transportation especially in the field of logistics service providers, EMKL Services, stevedoring, trucking, lashing, stripping, stuffing, freight export / import and seize opportunities as the development of logistics market in eastern Indonesia.

PT Samudera Tangguh Logistik

Established in 2016, the Company provides freight forwarding, contract logistics, project logistics and energy logistics services.

PT Samudera Yogyakarta Logistik

Established in 2014 to improve logistics services in Yogyakarta and Central Java. Running his business through operational offices in Yogyakarta and Semarang.

PT Silkargo Indonesia

Established since 2003, is the embodiment of integration of all general freight forwarding business. Generally provide Integrated Logistics Services for customers given in 4 categories of services: third party logistics, international & domestic freight forwarding, project logistics, and custom handling & formalities.

Silkargo Logistics (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Established in Singapore in 1997, engaged in logistics services provider. Provides comprehensive logistics and freight-forwarding services covering air and sea freight, excise, warehousing and freight transportation by land transportation.

Samudera Logistics DWC LLC

Established in 2015 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates; this entity provides end-to-end logistics services worldwide for a wide range of end users such as producers, buyers, exporters and importers.

Samudera Cargo Services LLC

Established in 2015 provides shipping agency services, customs clearance and formalities, warehousing, distribution and delivery from / to / in the United Arab Emirates

PT Masaji Prayasa Cargo

Established in 1980, specializing in freight forwarder services for project logistics. Infrastructure development and maintenance projects in Indonesia that have been successfully addressed include electricity, petrochemical, petrochemical and other large scale industries.

PT Samudera Sarana Logistik

Formerly known PT Masaji Tatanan Container, established in 1991 in Jakarta engaged in container depot business. The main services include handling container for elevator lift, empty container, maintenance & repair, cleaning, trucking, reefer service, and garment on hanger. It also provides additional services which include portacamp, container unit sales, container leasing, freight station containers (CFS), and rental of generators for reefer containers.

PT Masaji Kargosentra Tama

Established in 1992 with main service in Container Freight Station warehousing (CFS). Five types of services include LCL export & import, FCL handling, distribution / freezone, CY handling.

PT Maruzen Samudera Taiheiyo

Established in 2012 as a joint venture company between Samudera Indonesia, Maruzen Showa Unyu, Co Ltd and Taiheiyo Kisen Kaisha Ltd. Are specially shaped to handle end-to-end logistics shipments of alumina products owned by Indonesia Chemical Alumina (ICA) from Tayan (West Kalimantan) to several ports and stock points in Asia and Indonesia.

PT KCTC Samudera Logistics

Established in 2012, is a joint venture between Samudera Indonesia, Korea Container Terminal Corporation (KCTC) and Zimmoah Marine Transport.

PT GAC Samudera Logistics

It is a joint venture between Samudera Indonesia and GAC. The main services provided are warehousing service and distribution center especially for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector. It also serves as third party logistics through the provision of multi-modal transportation services, supply chain management, warehousing insurance and other services that provide added value to customers.

PT Adib Cold Logistics

It is a logistics services company engaged in the cold chain industry acquired by Samudera JWD Logistics, a joint venture between PT Samudera Sarana Logistik (SSLog) and JWD Asia Holding Pvt Ltd in 2017. ACL stands on 8000 m2 of land with 5000 m2 building to manage activities in logistics industry with warehouses and refrigerated vehicles.