Samudera Indonesia believes that experience is the best teacher. More than five decades of experience in the shipping and logistics universe has given Samudera Indonesia the greatest source of knowledge. To ensure this knowledge is passed to the current and next-generation, Samudera University is established by the company.

Our People is Our Future

People are one of the important keys to Samudera Indonesia’s sustainability. The company has set Samudera University to provide people development and knowledge sharing platform such as:

  • Samudera Indonesia Corporate University (SICU)
  • Samudera Indonesia Research and Initiatives (SIRI)
  • Samudera Indonesia Maritime & Logistics Training Center (SIMLITC)

SICU is an evolution of a learning center department within the company. Here, all personnel in Samudera Indonesia learn to build their competency including core business knowledge and soft skills to make a professional team. 

The company also relies on data and information to make a fruitful business decision. SIRI provides a platform for the company to obtain data-based research and information as a fundamental base to analyze company strategy. 

The company is also convinced that experience and knowledge sharing is important in creating a better business environment. Therefore, SIMLITC was established based on this spirit to make a positive contribution to the industry through something intangible such as experience and knowledge. SIMLITC has launched some training programs on different topics which reflects the company’s expertise.